Salam Veterinary Group

Salam Veterinary Group, specializing in veterinary treatments and research, was established on July 5th, 2020. It represents the first project of its kind in the Kingdom and and the largest globally. The group, with its various sectors, incorporates many modern technologies to enhance production, research centers, and disease causes in the field of wildlife and livestock. It has numerous experts in the field to provide a variety of services across the Kingdom to individuals, the private sector and public sector, making it a unique and globally recognized veterinary group by all standards

Salam Camel Hospital

Salam Camel Hospital is one of the main sectors in Salam Veterinary Group. It is the world’s largest hospital specializing in camel research and treatment. It offers a variety of distinguished services, including

Salam Pet Clinics

Salam Pet Clinics focus on providing the best healthcare for pets using state-of-the-art technologies in the medical and surgical fields. Among the services offered are

Salam Equine Hospital

Salam Equine Hospital is one of the largest specialized horse hospitals in the Arab world. It is a key sector in Salam Veterinary Group, operated in partnership with (…). It offers a range of outstanding services, including

Salam Wildlife Center

Salam Wildlife Center aims to contribute to environmental balance and biodiversity conservation. It is the first and only center of its kind in Saudi Arabia, offering the following service

Madeed Feed Factory

Our care for animals extends beyond veterinary aspects to include nutrition, immune enhancement, and growth. Madeed Feed Factory offers various products of feeds and nutritional supplements for different types and ages of camels. Additionally, specialized nutritional supplements and feeds are manufactured according to each animal’s needs to ensure the provision of proper and balanced nutrition

Salam Central Laboratories

Salam Central Laboratories are essential and central sectors in Salam Veterinary Group, equipped according to the highest medical standards. They aim to contribute to the discovery of various diseases and improve animal health, in addition to their key role in reproduction and fertilization. Salam Central Laboratories include the following laboratories